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Wiser Energy

NorCal’s Chosen Electric Supply House Features Wiser Energy™

CED Antioch– Sustainability is Paramount

It’s never been as important for the Bay Area to consider sustainability and efficiency as it is today.

Align your business with technology that makes energy management smarter and simpler than ever before.

Introducing the Wiser Energy™ system—a transformative solution that monitors a home’s electricity, optimizing power use and solar generation.

Homeowners can easily spot and address inefficiencies to save on energy bills.  clients will enjoy access to real-time data to track their savings and set energy consumption goals. 

The Square D edition of the Sense app learns devices, offering insights into energy usage.

Electrical contractors offering the Wiser Energy system and connected products experience market differentiation, easy installation, and business growth opportunities. 

Be the pioneer in embracing the smart home trend with Wiser Energy.

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How does Wiser Energy work?

The Wiser Energy system harnesses the power of machine learning to analyze the entirety of a home’s power consumption, delving into the intricate details of individual devices toggling on and off. 

This intelligent technology evolves alongside one’s needs, adapting and expanding its capabilities over time. 

Within the first month after installation, the Wiser Energy system will identify 12 devices within a household.

As it familiarizes itself with the home’s energy dynamics over the next 12 months, it will detect and distinguish 25 to 30 devices, giving homeowners increasingly detailed insights into their energy ecosystem.

Electrical contractors simply install the CTs and the Home Energy Monitor. Homeowners download the Square D edition of the Sense app and unlock the value that Wiser Energy brings to the table. 

From real-time insights to comprehensive energy management, the Sense app empowers homeowners to make informed decisions and maximize their energy efficiency. 

This synergy between professional installation and user-friendly technology guarantees a superior energy monitoring experience for your Bay Area customers.

Let the results speak for themselves…

Give Customers Control with Wiser™ Control Relays

Immerse your business in the world of home automation and energy management through Wiser Control Relays—an adaptable and expandable system designed to elevate each homeowner’s experience. 

This “modular and scalable system” is essentially future-proof.

Unparalleled Power Usage Monitoring and Control

Homeowners gain a new understanding of energy consumption patterns with the ability to fine-tune and govern power usage with precision.

Effortlessly Reduce Energy Costs: 

Leverage the insights provided by the app-driven data to strategically activate circuits in alignment with time-of-use patterns, effectively bolstering energy savings.

Simplified Maintenance

Facilitate streamlined maintenance procedures by exclusively replacing the affected relay module without needing to replace the entire load center. This innovation optimizes efficiency and minimizes disruption.

Seamless Automation Integration

Enhance automation capabilities by configuring which loads receive power during power outages. This intelligent integration extends the life of any accompanying battery backup system, ensuring lasting performance.

Intuitive and User-Centric App

From individuals with limited technology experience to tech-savvy enthusiasts, Wiser Energy holds value for everyone.

Homeowners can take control of their energy consumption through tailored alerts and energy-saving objectives.

They will gain insights into their projected monthly energy costs with continuous real-time visibility. 

Beyond that, they will be able to personalize alerts, notifying them anytime a specified device is activated or deactivated.

Your customers will also experience ongoing cost reductions by managing connected appliances and observing solar energy generation with the solar edition, resulting in everyday savings.

Wiser Energy & The Energy Center Smart Panel

Enter a new age of smart electrical panels, uniting innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. 

CED Antioch proudly introduces the groundbreaking Square D™ Energy Center. 

This “World’s Smartest Panel” offers an “All-in-One” service solution, simplifying current and future enhancements such as generators and solar.

CED Antioch – The Energy Center Webpage

How easy is Wiser Energy to install?

To install Wiser Energy, you only require:

✶ Flat head or square Robertson    screwdriver 

✶ Flashlight

✶ New or existing 15 to 30-amp 2-pole circuit breaker

More Helpful Resources & Videos About Wiser Energy

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Connect the entire home– watch these videos to learn all about it!

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CED Antioch is proud to cover the expansive San Francisco Bay Area, from Marin to Sacramento, and all places in between. We work hard each day to remain the top choice for residential electrical contractors in Northern California.

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